Gin AgricoloIo, an expression of its territory.

Independent, proud, courageous, unpredictable like a stormy sea and with a taste for adventure, Franco Cavallero carries on his dream: to produce a Gin that is entirely the result of the territory, of which he can follow the entire production chain, using only fresh, botanical ingredients selected and cultivated by him personally at zero kilometer.

Already owner of the Sant’Agata winery, in 2011 he opened the wine shop / cocktail bar in Asti: Il Cicchetto, a place, as he says, where you come to share experiences.

His great curiosity, passion for good gin and evenings with friends, stimulate him to shape a place where he can experience some of the best Gin labels. There are more than a hundred in his place.

piedmontese gin

In Italy the world of Gin is still unexplored and underestimated by many. Franco Cavallero would like an all-Piedmontese Gin, with peculiarity and unmistakable taste.

Gin is a drink obtained from the infusion of juniper berries into alcohol produced by the distillation of cereals (wheat, barley, wheat and rye), flavored with plants and spices, the taste of which must never override that of juniper.

In modern Gin we tend to find our own mode of expression, which makes each recipe unique. Italy boasts a long tradition of juniper distillates, given that this evergreen shrub, typical of the Mediterranean belt, with a balsamic and pungent aroma, has spread to the Alps, the Apennines and Sardinia.

The oldest “Italian gins” belong to the Piedmontese and Trentino traditions, as can be seen from the old liqueur manuals of the late 1800s by Antonio Rossi and Luigi Sala.


Franco Cavallero started with three thousand square meters of plots to cultivate the most suitable botany to characterize his Gin, up to four hectares, also increasing the species of cultivated plants, which have gone from 20 to 35 types.

The territory becomes a fundamental variable, altitude (very important for a greater concentration of the active ingredient), exposure and soil become the fulcrum of his research. Over time, medicinal plants with therapeutic or aromatic characteristics have been added to the recipe to give considerable complexity to the drink.

Gin Agricolo is a Gin with a unique recipe, based on the use of specific varieties and quantities of components, entirely from Piedmont, grown directly by Franco Cavallero and used fresh. These peculiarities make the product “alive”, powerful, intense and strongly connoted.

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interview to Franco Cavallero [PDF-ITA]